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Results from Sick Puppy Raceway 2 - 1 - 2013

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1 Results from Sick Puppy Raceway 2 - 1 - 2013 on Sat Feb 02, 2013 12:38 pm

This is the first report of the new year.With the Flu Bug, Snowmobiles,and just winding down from the holiday madness, we could only manage three people willing to show up on any given Fri. night during the entire month of January.Last night saw a renewed interest with six(6) racers eager to resume friendly hostilities once again.First up were the Late - Models.A field of 60's era Mopars,a Ford Torino,and a 57 Chevy were ready to rumble.The 57 was a beautiful example of what was the staple of Short - Track racing in the 60's.Using a Revell 1/25th scale Snap Together kit.The car had all the side moldings taken off.Then it was painted Rustoleum "Hammered finish" Black to give the car a pitted and wrinkled look.Along with a rusty wash to highlight the appearance of a week - end warrior.The race got off to a hectic start ( with no one racing on it for four weeks it got quite dusty and traction was almost nil.But with a quick cleaning with a tack cloth we were ready to go.The racing was close with the drivers being mindful of the traction issues.The final results were as follows: Rick with 126 laps,Dallas with 123 laps and Danny with 121 laps.The Hard - body class took the track with the track getting a good bit of rubber on the track The pace was fast and furious!! The final results were: "Papa Mike" Johnson with 150 laps, Dallas with 145 laps, and Rick with 141 laps.We also welcomed a new member to the Fri.night festivities, Noah.He had some issues initially but got faster as the night went on.He was encouraged by the others "learn how,and how fast will take care of itself"!Between the real racing,bench racing,and the usual story swapping,and joke telling,2013 got off to a rousing start.That's it for now.Till next time,"See Ya," Cliff. Wink

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