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Results from Sick Puppy Raceway. 12-7-12

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1 Results from Sick Puppy Raceway. 12-7-12 on Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:19 pm

Last night eight racers were at Sick Puppy Raceway in Weare,N.H. for a weekly dose of excitement.And excitement was what they got!First up were the 1/24th Scale Hardbody Class.Last night all of the 2 1/2 minutes heast had exciting door- to - door racing.All of the cars were extremely hooked up on the racing surface and long stretches of freight- train pack racing like Daytona of Talladega was the norm (for this night anyway). The track is not an oval but what we call a "Rovall" which consists of a banked main Straightaway leading to a similarly banked set of turns.This goes onto a short straight that takes a right-hand turn under an overpass the right- hand turn continues onto a short straight over the overpass and a left- hander back onto the full- bore main straight once again.So this type of close- quarters racing is even more interesting when having to negotiate these other set of turns.When a yellow did occur the drivers asked for a breif time - out because they were suffering from Vertigo from concentrateing on their cars during the green flag periods.When this Whirlwind of excitement finally took the Checkered flag.The first three finishers were....Cliff - 149 laps,Danny Eaton- 148 laps, and Papa Mike - 148 laps.Next up were the always colorful and popular Jalopies the field consisted of mostly pre-war 32 Ford two and five-window Coupes' a lone 34 Ford Coupe' and a 36 Chevy coupe' and a 32 Ford Pick- up.The highlight of the class were the matching 32 Ford open-topped Touring Cars with their bandana - wearing drivers out in the breeze. The pace wasn't as fast as the preceding Hardbody event but just as exciting.The harder compound Urethane tires didn't get the traction as the foam tires so the Jalopies were a little less forgiving and required more "driving" of the cars.The final results were....Rick Isley 130 laps, Cliff 126 laps and Danny Johnson 125 laps.That's all for now,seeya,Cliff. Very Happy

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