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Results from Sick Puppy Raceway.12-14-12

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1 Results from Sick Puppy Raceway.12-14-12 on Sat Dec 15, 2012 5:45 pm

Six racers descended on Sick Puppy Raceway Fri. night.The small turnout was due to the fact that Christmas Shopping,parties,etc...was the focus of attention.First up were the Hard- Body Stockers.Cliff started out strong,he was challenged in the middle heats but the racers could not overtake his early success.The final totals were...Cliff 152 laps,Dallas 148 laps,and Rick with 144 laps. Next were the vintage stockers.These are primarily American-made four passenger cars from 1960-1972.With the exception tonight being a beautiful full- fendered black & gold 41 Plymouth Coupe'from NASCARS' early days,(you can't get any more vintage than that!).The competition was a lot closer with the slower 18,000 RPM Hawk motors and the voltage turned down to accomodate the slower cars.The final standings were... Rick with 128 laps,Cliff with 125 laps,and Bob bringing the 41 Plymouth home in third with...124 laps(not too shabby for an "oldie but goodie".That's it for now,See Ya, Cliff. Wink

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