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Results from Sick Puppy Raceway. 12-21-2012

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1 Results from Sick Puppy Raceway. 12-21-2012 on Tue Dec 25, 2012 9:21 pm

Friday night 11 racers arrived at Sick Puppy Raceway for another night of high speed fun.First up were the always popular Hardbody class.The racers didn't disappoint the fans with close door - to - door racing through all 11 heats.The highlight was Cliff being the last driver to get on the track.After his success last week the other drivers said "put him on last and see if he finishes first this week" Mad .What they got was a smooth but determined charge to overcome being down many laps as many of the drivers had already completed their rotation and were sitting on their final lap totals.Cliff snapped off two 39 and one 38 lap count with getting 37 on his final heat after getting caught up in a couple of those "racin deals" Sad .He still managed to finish tied for third Razz .The final totals were as follows,Bob first,155 laps,Rick second with 154 laps, and a three way tie for third.With Kevin,Cliff, & Dallas with 153 laps respectively.With third going to Dallas by virtue of the fact he finished farther ahead of Kevin and Cliff when the race ended.Next up were the Jalopies.They may not be as fast but,no less exciting.The final totals were as follows: Jonathan 140 laps,Kevin and Bob tied with 137 laps for second and third going to Danny with 136 laps.An attempt was made to take pictures of the action.But all of the pictures were blurred and out of focus (acceptable for Bigfoot evidence Razz Razz Razz )Cell phone cameras aren't good enough to take pictures of objects inside and moving quite quickly.So we'll use a Digital Camera to take pictures of cars before the race starts.Or any unusual pileups when the action has been halted to straighten things out.That's it for now.Till next time,See Ya! Cliff. Wink

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Thanks Cliff! Looking forward to pix~!!
Paul Very Happy

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