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Might be time!

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1 Might be time! on Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:27 am

I've been "lurking" on different slot sites for a while. Don't have a track or any cars. I raced at Richies Speed City (Springfield, MA) in the sixties. Hand crafted, hard body, modifieds. BEST childhood memories I have. Followed Mod racing (spectator) through out New England in the sixties and early seventies, then started going to Cup races all over east coast... Anyway, stumbled across Reality Raceway and fell in love with the cars. I wanted to buy one (or two), but had no where to race them. Thought it would be nice to do some "tour" racing, but I'd probably make more enemies than friends because of the lack of on-track practice. Low and behold! I discovered Agawam Slot Car Speedway tonight, in Agawam MA for the first time, about ten miles from my home. Looks like they bought the oval track that was listed here (?). I talked to a gentleman named Ken. He said that they'll be racing modifieds and super mods on the track....Watch out guys! I'm coming. Laughing

Who said: "You can't return to your childhood?"

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2 WELCOME........ on Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:30 am


Listen, we all started somewhere. You should venture to REALITY on a Friday night.
Just get out thee and get some laps in and it will all come back to you.

Before we all become your "ENEMY" we welcome you with open arms. After a few weeks, well then your on you own!

Definitely try and get involved with the TOUR. A great group of guys and we all have a TON OF FUN.

Hope to see you out racing with us some day.


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3 Re: Might be time! on Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:10 am

Welcome back to the slot car scene.I'm 63 yrs. old and I'm still burning up the track up here in N.H.!! Vintage Coupes,and Jalopies are what we run up here.

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